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Sailing trip in Greece, Cyclades and Saronic Islands

One week sailing around the most impressive greek islands

The Cyclades, Greek archipelago with more than 200 islands located in the Aegean Sea, are characterized by their typical architecture of white houses with doors and windows in blue indigo, fishermen villages with typical taverns where to taste the Greek gastronomy, narrow alleys, monuments Historical, fine sand coves and turquoise waters, awesome landscapes … certainly the essence and charm of the Mediterranean more authentic.

We await the tranquility in Kea, the funniest Mykonos, the spectacular beaches of Milos, the volcanic cornices of Santorini and many more surprising places during our tour.

The Saronic Islands are a group of islands located in the Saronic Gulf, between the regions of Attica and the Peloponnese. Among the islands are Aegyna, Poros, Hydra, the uninhabited Dokos and Spetses. They are characterized by their fishing ports, quiet coves, historical monuments, and their proximity to the mainland, which allows visiting ports like Ermioni in the Peloponnese.

Departures from Athens
– June & July to Cyclades Islands
– August to Saronic Islands

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Sailing the Greek Islands
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Oceanis Beneteau Cyclades 50.5


Dimensions: Lenght: 15.65 m. · Beam: 4.90 m. · Draft: 2 m.
Engine: Yanmar 110 HP


Cabins: 5 + 1
Bathroom: 3
Electric refrigerator: 2
Kitchen: 1
Oven: 1
Convertible saloon: 1


Day cruises: 11+ 1
Night cruises: 10+2


Deck equipment:
Electric anchor windlass, Electric winch, Cockpit table, Cockpit shower, Cockpit cushions, Cockpit Speakers, Cockpit Ice Box, Outboard 4HP, Spray Hood, Bimini, Swimming ladder, Hot water.
Electronic Equipment:
Electric fridge, Icebox, VHF, Speedometer, Depth sounder, Wind Instruments, CD player, GPS plotter, Autopilot RAYMARINE ST6002.
Standard Equipment: Navigation, Safety.
Rigging / Sails: Full batten main sail, Roller genoa.

Departures in June and July to Cyclades Islands

Depending on the weather we will choose an itinerary to the East (Myconos) or to the south (Milos). Both proposals are detailed below:

  • Departure and arrivals: Athens – Marina Alimos or Lavrion Port.
  • Embark: Saturday after 13h.
  • Disembark: Saturday at 9h.

Itinerary I (east) to Mykonos

1st day (Saturday): Sounion cape

We will sail from the port of Athens on a half-day course to Cape Sounion, famous for the ruins of two temples that dominate the sea: one of Athena and the other where we will spend the night anchored to the sight and protection of Poseidon.

2nd day (Sunday): Kythnos Island

We will drive to Kythnos where we will anchor on some of its beaches and spend the day bathing in its waters and relax watching the sunset from the sea.

3th day (Monday): Syros Island

Syros, Island that combines beaches, coves and a colonial city, Ermoupoli, the capital. On this occasion, we will approach the port for breakfast, and spend the day between coves, snorkeling and cooking on board.

4th day (Tuesday): Mykonos

Mykonos. Known for its beaches and party atmosphere, and its attractive capital, Chora, with colorful balconies, labyrinthine streets, mills, museums and its neighborhood of Kastro, little Venice.

We will rent a car or a motorbike to visit the island, stopping at a typical port tavern to taste Greek food.

5th day  (Wednesday): Ermoupoli

We will return to the island of Syros, but this time to your face this to visit the city of Ermoupoli. We will take advantage of it to know it, to make purchases or to take a dip in its crystalline waters.

6th day (Tuesday): Kea Island

Kea, the first of the Cyclades. Where we will anchor in some quiet cove to spend the day surrounded by nature.

7th (Friday): Athens

Having rested and after lunch, we will enjoy the navigation to reach the city of the Gods.

Once on the mainland we can take a shower in the port facilities and go for a walk and enjoy a dinner at the foot of the Acropolis, go have a drink at its picturesque bars and enjoy the Greek night.

The landing is Saturday morning after breakfast.

Itinerary II (sur) to Milos

1st day (saturday): Sounion Cape

We will depart from the port of Athens on a half-day course to Cape Sounion, famous for the ruins of two temples that dominate the sea: one of Athena and the other where we will spend the night anchored to the sight and protection of Poseidon

2nd day  (Sunday): Kythnos Island

Go to Kythnos where we will anchor in one of its beaches and spend the day bathing in its waters and relax watching the sunset from the sea

3th y 4th day (Monday and tuesday): Milos

Milos has a history dating back more than 13,000 years! We will visit the place where the famous statue of the Venus de Milo was discovered. In addition to its paradisiac beaches.

The island is not polluted by mass tourism and is characterized by its beaches of fine white sand and transparent waters. The rock formation that emerges from the depths of the sea in the form of hexagonal columns give a unique character to the island and its people. In short it is a paradise where to stop the time and to enjoy its nature and history.

5th day (Wednesday): Serifos

We go to Serifos, a small calm island to the north of Milos where we will anchor in some and we will stop port to go down to earth.

6th day (Thursday):Poros

Sailing to Poros. We leave from the Cyclades islands and we land on one of the most beautiful islands of the Saronic Islands. We can rent a scooter to go shopping, to go shopping, to go to its beaches, to the temple of Poseidon, or to dine in a tavern the exquisite local gastronomy with fresh Mediterranean products. Served by its owners will make us feel at home with unbeatable views of the Galata coast.

7th day (Friday): Athens

After a good breakfast, we head towards Athens, we will have time to make a stop at a cove for lunch and take the last bath and then continue our trip to the Greek capital where it is expected to arrive about 18-19hs.

Once in port, we will enjoy its facilities, we can dine watching a live sunset and at night they organize a party in one of their clubs where the atmosphere is the most lively since there are many charters that finish on Fridays. A place to meet people and make new friends.

On Saturday morning, after breakfast we must leave the boat. We recommend you to visit the city, in particular:

  • The Parthenon
  • The first olympic stadium around the world
  • The picturesque and famous Placa district at the foot of the Acropolis
  • The Acrópolis museum


Itinerary  Saronics Islands

  • Departures and arrivals: Athens – Marina Alimos or Lavrion Port
  • Embark: Saturday after 13h
  • Desembark: Saturday at  9h

1st day  (Saturday): Aegyna

After the meeting at noon, the supply and first meal on board, we will go to Aegyna Island, arriving shortly before sunset. Aegyna is the main pistachio producer in Greece, and the largest exporter in the world.

We will be moored in its port or anchored in a bay, where we will see the sun rise from the deck, we will have dinner in some restaurant of the walk, and to take an ice cream of its local product.

2nd day (Sunday): Poros

In the morning, a light breakfast on board and a dip. And if you liked the pistachio, you can buy some of the products made with that dry fruit.

Without hurry and with the calm, we will sail towards Poros, making stop in some cove near the port for a bath and food on board.

In the middle of the afternoon, we will go to the port, to get ready, to go for a walk and to have a caffe latte, to watch the sun go up, to climb the clock tower … And in the evening, dinner will be in an authentic and picturesque tavern opposite Sea.

Already in Poros, we have the possibility to rent a scooter and discover more secrets of this island, we will stop in some cove, like Baiona Beach and get to know the ruins of the temple of Poseidon.

3th day (Sunday): Dokos

We will sail in the morning to the island of Dokos, it is one of the few that is totally uninhabited, there are no houses, no light, no construction except some ruins. We will set off in their bay, and of course we will make a stop to take a bath, snorkel and sunbathe.

4th day (Tuesday): Ermioni

In the morning we will visit the tranquil Ermioni, a fishing village in the Peloponnese that still preserves the magic of yesteryear and seems to stop the time.

We will approach a fishermen’s stop, where we will choose what our food will be and prepare us in the restaurant, with private cove. We will end the afternoon walking through its pine forest, green and shady, with small coves of turquoise waters to which we will go down for a swim, and take a cocktail in one of the clubs located on another of the walks.

5th day (Wednesday): Hydra

We will leave in the morning, and passing by in front of Dokos, we go towards the island of Hydra, one of the favorite and beautiful of this itinerary.

Its main city, known as Puerto Hydra, consists of a crescent-shaped port, around which is the beach and the locals such as restaurants, shops, markets and galleries. Its steep white stone streets are worth walking, yes, either on foot or on donkeys, one of its tourist attractions.

Watching the sunset on one of its terraces is one of the most emotional moments of the trip.

6th day (Tuesday): Agistri or Epidavros.

Por la mañana aprovecharemos para dar un ultimo paseo por la bellísima isla, hacer algunas compras y prepararnos para zarpar rumbo a la isla de Agistri.

Agistri es una pequeña isla frente a Aegina con unas calas de aguas turquesas, fondearemos para almorzar y disfrutar de sus aguas. Por la noche podremos quedarnos allí fondeados o ir a Epidavros, un pequeño puerto del peloponeso desde donde podremos coger un taxi para ir a conocer el famoso anfiteatro griego que se encuentra en perfectas condiciones y donde actualmente se usa para conciertos y opera.

7th day (Friday): Athens

In the afternoon we will go to Athens. We will arrive at the last minute to spend the night in port, a hot shower and dinner on land.

Disembark early Saturday after breakfast.

Do not stop going to the biggest assets of athens:

  • The Parthenon
  • The first olympic stadium around the world
  • The picturesque and famous Placa district at the foot of the Acropolis
  • The Acrópolis museum



Price and conditions

If you have any questions, please contact us

  • 780€ / PAX
    June and September
  • 875€ / PAX
    July and August

Trip conditions

The price includes: sailboat, Professional Skipper, bed linen, insurance and final cleaning.

The price does not include food, drink, diesel fuel and eventually moorings at port (it is only planned to go to the port to refuel and restock), to share by all the crew (about 150€ per person in total).

Booking conditions

You can confirm your booking whit 300€ deposit by bank transfer and the rest of payment can be three weeks before embarking.
For more information and reservations, please, send us an email at

Life on board

Get ready for sailing holidays

What to pack

It is advised not to pack too many luggage, and if possible, a non-rigid suitcase. The most ideal would be a medium sized sports bag.

  • Shoes with white soles to walk on deck, and flipflops
  • Light waterproof jacket
  • Bathing suits, towel and multiple shirts
  • Sunscreen, sun caps and sunglasses
  • Toiletries
  • Casual clothing, one or two changes

The life on board

It is very important to maintain order on board, inside (personal items in common areas), on deck (cremes, towels, cameras, etc) and while sailing, to avoid accidents or items going overboard.

  • Try to save drinking water, the tanks are limited and it is preferable to moderate consumption (in the showers) than to have to go refill
  • To use the toilet, specific instructions have to be followed, and paper or any other thing must not be flushed, to avoid clogs.
  • As for the electric consumption; don’t leave any lights on, and charge phones during the day.
  • Try to avoid going on board with shoes from the street, therefore highly recommended to use a light shoe with white soles to avoid bashing your feet onto anything.
  • Eliminate sand from your feet and towels before going in after coming back from the beach.
  • Never enter while being wet, to avoid slips and accidents.
  • Use cremes (such as sunscreen) on top of a towel to avoid the deck from becoming slippery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before and during the trip

Here you will find some FAQ considerations in the hope that, if you have not tried it, you will like it and soon you will embark on a sailboat. And be very careful … You will love it!

What is travelling in a sailboat like?

Our sailing trips are a form of active tourism where you also gain experience. One of the most authentic ways to travel, departing from the conventional and turning your leisure time into a constant accumulation of sensations that combine adventure, social relations, contactwith nature, etc. When travelling in a sailboat there will be moments of relax and others of frantic activity. It is not necessary to have sailing experience in order to participate, although if you are interested in discovering the secrets of sailing, this is the ideal place to learn. In short, a holiday on board a sailboat will be very pleasurable and you will sail, participate in the manoeuvres, discover places that are sometimes inaccessible from the land, witness impressive sunsets, see dolphins, stars…and the feel pleasant sensation of moving under wind power!

Do you need any sailing experience to participate in a sailboat trip?

Anybody can participate. No experience is necessary, nor do you need specific navigation skills. You just need the will to have a good time and some spirit of adventure.

Can I come on a sailing trip on my own?

One of the features of our sailboat trips is that they are offered “place by place”. The most common thing is that people taking part meet on the first day,before embarking. So you can book alone or accompanied by others, as you wish. You’ll see how at the end of the trip you will have made new friends and close bonds will have been created between crew members after the experiences you have all gone through on board.

What should I bring with me?

We recommend you do not bring too much luggage, in a soft bag if possible. The best thing is a medium sized sports bag.

  • White soled footwear for walking on the deck and rubber flip-flops.
  • A light rain jacket.
  • Swimwear, a bath towel and several t-shirts.
  • Sun protection cream, a cap and sunglasses.
  • Personal hygiene gear.
  • Clothes for the street (one set or two).
  • Some warm clothes for trips in the Mediterranean

How can I book?

You can reserve online from our website or by a bank transfer to the bank account we will send you details of by mail. Payment of 30{174c6e11791a1040928d4bad5f228a147572197582de78f94cd628e59032146b} (Approx.) of the total price of the trip must be made when booking. The rest of the amount should be paid three weeks before embarkation.

What destination should I choose for a sailboat trip?

We offer a wide range of sailing trips all year round, focusing on two areas: The Mediterranean and the Caribbean, with trips, participation in regattas, stays to visit uninhabited islands … all with special charm and added value to discover. Make your choice according to your availability and budget.

How is life organised on board a sailboat?

Several people will be living together is a small space, therefore respect for others and understanding are essential for a successful stay on board the sailing ship.

The trip intends to be an experience and requires participation.Therefore, the idea is that everyone should collaborate in the tasks and organisation on board, following some simple rules based on common sense:

  • It is important to keep things tidy on board, inside (personal belongings in common areas), on deck (Creams, towels, cameras, etc.) and when sailing, to avoid obstructions, tripping, objects falling into the sea…
  • Economise the use of fresh water, water tanks have a limited capacity and it is preferable to use water in moderation (in the shower for example) than having to go and refill them.
  • When using the WC strictly follow the usage instructions and never dispose of paper or other things in it that could block it.
  •  With regard to consumption of electricity, do not leave lights on. Charge mobile phones (in the cigar lighter socket) at midday.
  • Avoid boarding the boat with street footwear, it is recommended to use canvas or similar shoes on deck to avoid stubbing your toes.
  • Shake the sand out of your feet and towels before coming on board when you return from the beach.
  • Never go inside the boat when you are wet to avoid slipping.
  • Lie on a towel when using sun protection cream, so as not to make the deck slippery.

What is the food like on board a sailboat?

Food will be simple and light, you will be able to eat rice, meat, fish, barbeques, pasta, fruit, fruit juices and soft drinks. It is recommended to exercise moderation in the consumption of alcoholic drinks.

Places are limited

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