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Les Dames de Saint Tropez with the splendid sloop Yanira

Spectacular women’s race in Saint Tropez in the very centre of the French Côte d’Azur

Discover the charm of Classic Sailboats and enter the competition thought this exclusive regatta. From 4 to 7 May 2017, we will participate in the fourth edition of “Les Dames de Saint Tropez” with the splendid sloop “Yanira”. A unique event where women take the helm of the finest Mediterranean classic sailboats (The 2014 edition gathered 77{174c6e11791a1040928d4bad5f228a147572197582de78f94cd628e59032146b} of women!).

If you are an active person, a sea lover, and would like to get to know the glamour of classic sailboats and the charm of the Côte d’Azur, don’t miss this opportunity to participate in the Classic sail boat race “Les Dames de Saint Tropez”. Man or woman, even if you have no experience, we look forward to welcoming you on board of “Yanira”.

A gaining boat with a professional crew!!

We will be around twenty classic sailing yachts to compete in an intimate and friendly regatta inside the spectacular bay of Saint Tropez.

The “Yanira” classic sloop of 17.85 meters (58 feet), 3.75 meters wide, 2.60 m deep, 22 tonnes and a mat of 22 meters with a Marconi rig will compete against, among others, the “Manitou” boat that won the race in 2013 and “Argyll” sailboat, winner of the 2014 edition!

On land, the program devised by the organization is very festive with the welcome cocktail, the gala evening in a renowned hotel and the awards ceremony.

A perfect weekend both at sea and on land where the atmosphere and good humour are waiting for us!

Departure: from 4 to 7th of May in Saint Tropez (France)

Sailboats spot for spot
Learn to sail
Participate as a crew member
Classic boat

We awaiting for you on board Yanira

Participate as a crew member in this Classic Boats “Yanira”

The “Yanira” is a classic sloop of 17.85 meters long, (58 feet), a beam of 3.75 meters, a 2.60 meters draft, weighing 20 tons. Its 22 meters high mast is equipped with a set of sails of Marconi

It is unique in its kind, designed by Bjarne Aas in 1952 under the international rules of  ’12 meter Racing Class’. The Norwegian naval architect was famous for his racing designs, like the series IOD (International One Design).

24 wins up to 2013

Since she started racing in 1984, Yanira has shown that her natural habitat is the competition. Several generations of sailors have been formed in this fast cruiser-racer, great sportsmen and women who have been part of the crew of the Bribón or the legendary Azur de Puig.

Now it’s your turn! 

An official, exceptional crew of women!

Our boat is going to compete, but not only that…

This year we are going to make it to the podium, and therefore we need an exceptional crew!

Pilar Pasanau

One of the best oceanic racers of our country, with more than 16.000 nautical miles sailed only in races!

Laia Tutzo

Olimpic athlete, 6th place in Pekín 2008, professional sailor of the World Olimpic Cirquit of ISAF en of the Big Boats category of classics races.

Silvina Vivó

Expert sailor, crew member of Pilar and an amazing photographer.

Ana Conesa

One of the best bowmen in the classics world, winner of various international races such as the Puig Vela Clàsica and the Copa del Ray – Panerai de Mahón

Price and conditions

If you have any questions, please contact us

  • 1.000€ / Persona.
    Del 12 al 15 de julio

The price includes:

  • Three professional crewmembers
  • Race gear: shirts for every racing day, cap and gloves
  • Food and beverages on board
  • High defenition photoreport
  • Race inscription fees
  • Federation licence
  • Race insurance
  • Fuel expenses
  • Mooring
  • VAT

Price does NOT include:

  • Transport to and from the race
  • Food, drinks and accommodation during the race in Saint Tropez

Booking conditions

You can confirm your booking whit 150€ deposit by bank transfer and the rest of payment can be two weeks before embarking.
For more information and reservations, please, send us an email at

Life on board

Get ready for sailing holidays

What to pack

It is advised not to pack too many luggage, and if possible, a non-rigid suitcase. The most ideal would be a medium sized sports bag.

  • Shoes with white soles to walk on deck, and flipflops
  • Light waterproof jacket
  • Bathing suits, towel and multiple shirts
  • Sunscreen, sun caps and sunglasses
  • Toiletries
  • Casual clothing, one or two changes

The life on board

It is very important to maintain order on board, inside (personal items in common areas), on deck (cremes, towels, cameras, etc) and while sailing, to avoid accidents or items going overboard.

  • Try to save drinking water, the tanks are limited and it is preferable to moderate consumption (in the showers) than to have to go refill
  • To use the toilet, specific instructions have to be followed, and paper or any other thing must not be flushed, to avoid clogs.
  • As for the electric consumption; don’t leave any lights on, and charge phones during the day.
  • Try to avoid going on board with shoes from the street, therefore highly recommended to use a light shoe with white soles to avoid bashing your feet onto anything.
  • Eliminate sand from your feet and towels before going in after coming back from the beach.
  • Never enter while being wet, to avoid slips and accidents.
  • Use cremes (such as sunscreen) on top of a towel to avoid the deck from becoming slippery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before and during the trip

Here you will find some FAQ considerations in the hope that, if you have not tried it, you will like it and soon you will embark on a sailboat. And be very careful … You will love it!

What is travelling in a sailboat like?

Our sailing trips are a form of active tourism where you also gain experience. One of the most authentic ways to travel, departing from the conventional and turning your leisure time into a constant accumulation of sensations that combine adventure, social relations, contactwith nature, etc. When travelling in a sailboat there will be moments of relax and others of frantic activity. It is not necessary to have sailing experience in order to participate, although if you are interested in discovering the secrets of sailing, this is the ideal place to learn. In short, a holiday on board a sailboat will be very pleasurable and you will sail, participate in the manoeuvres, discover places that are sometimes inaccessible from the land, witness impressive sunsets, see dolphins, stars…and the feel pleasant sensation of moving under wind power!

Do you need any sailing experience to participate in a sailboat trip?

Anybody can participate. No experience is necessary, nor do you need specific navigation skills. You just need the will to have a good time and some spirit of adventure.

Can I come on a sailing trip on my own?

One of the features of our sailboat trips is that they are offered “place by place”. The most common thing is that people taking part meet on the first day,before embarking. So you can book alone or accompanied by others, as you wish. You’ll see how at the end of the trip you will have made new friends and close bonds will have been created between crew members after the experiences you have all gone through on board.

What should I bring with me?

We recommend you do not bring too much luggage, in a soft bag if possible. The best thing is a medium sized sports bag.

  • White soled footwear for walking on the deck and rubber flip-flops.
  • A light rain jacket.
  • Swimwear, a bath towel and several t-shirts.
  • Sun protection cream, a cap and sunglasses.
  • Personal hygiene gear.
  • Clothes for the street (one set or two).
  • Some warm clothes for trips in the Mediterranean

How can I book?

You can reserve online from our website or by a bank transfer to the bank account we will send you details of by mail. Payment of 30{174c6e11791a1040928d4bad5f228a147572197582de78f94cd628e59032146b} (Approx.) of the total price of the trip must be made when booking. The rest of the amount should be paid one week before embarkation.

What destination should I choose for a sailboat trip?

We offer a wide range of sailing trips all year round, focusing on two areas: The Mediterranean and the Caribbean, with trips, participation in regattas, stays to visit uninhabited islands … all with special charm and added value to discover. Make your choice according to your availability and budget.

How is life organised on board a sailboat?

Several people will be living together is a small space, therefore respect for others and understanding are essential for a successful stay on board the sailing ship.

The trip intends to be an experience and requires participation.Therefore, the idea is that everyone should collaborate in the tasks and organisation on board, following some simple rules based on common sense:

  • It is important to keep things tidy on board, inside (personal belongings in common areas), on deck (Creams, towels, cameras, etc.) and when sailing, to avoid obstructions, tripping, objects falling into the sea…
  • Economise the use of fresh water, water tanks have a limited capacity and it is preferable to use water in moderation (in the shower for example) than having to go and refill them.
  • When using the WC strictly follow the usage instructions and never dispose of paper or other things in it that could block it.
  •  With regard to consumption of electricity, do not leave lights on. Charge mobile phones (in the cigar lighter socket) at midday.
  • Avoid boarding the boat with street footwear, it is recommended to use canvas or similar shoes on deck to avoid stubbing your toes.
  • Shake the sand out of your feet and towels before coming on board when you return from the beach.
  • Never go inside the boat when you are wet to avoid slipping.
  • Lie on a towel when using sun protection cream, so as not to make the deck slippery.

What is the food like on board a sailboat?

Food will be simple and light, you will be able to eat rice, meat, fish, barbeques, pasta, fruit, fruit juices and soft drinks. It is recommended to exercise moderation in the consumption of alcoholic drinks.

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